• To establish and maintain a successful relationship with our clients, employees, and underwriters.
  • To provide peace of mind to our customers through thorough insurance and exceptional service.
  • Add value to the products we offer by offering an array of ancillary services that gel with insurance either at zero cost or minimal cost to the end customer.
  • To promote concept of insurance awareness to the public
  • To provide services of international standards to our customers.
  • To become among the leading Insurance Brokers in East Africa by 2020.
  • To be the first choice broker for every household and business in East Africa.
  • To set the standard of excellence among insurance brokers by being innovative, financially strong and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Sensitivity


Our logo and name features a kangaroo, Kangaroo Symbolism is defined in its leap and other traits that coexist like balance, direction, strength, hearing, speed, competition and protection:

Kangaroo is a broking firm offering quality services to our clients ranking among top insurance brokers in Tanzania. At Kangaroo we enable you to focus on your core business while we weigh our professional expertise of the insurance market to ensure the right decisions are made in purchasing an appropriate insurance security on the most favorable terms and price.


At Kangaroo we understand the risks and we pride ourselves in providing services for life and non-life insurances By providing the best insurance cover to our customers to ensure optimum coverage at most reasonable cost also advising and helping the customers to understand the insurance covers that they need.

We provide claims advisory services to our customers on how to report, document and present claims so that they can be responded fast and we arrange insurances on your behalf and Tailor-make covers according to customers’ needs.

We advise on the nuances and fine prints in insurance policies, and in particular insurance terms and conditions in regards to how they impact upon you, in addition, we increase customer awareness of the tariff/ insurance rating guidelines in the market.



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